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The Zika virus. A virus spread to humans by the aedes aegypti mosquito the same mosquito that produces yellow fever, dengue and chikengunya and is found in The Americas, Africa, Asia, India and the Pacific Islands. Symptoms in adults are mild and can last for several days to a week. Health officials are now questioning whether the virus has long lasting neurological and muscle weakening effects similar to guillain barrer syndrome. The most prevalent danger of Zika involves mycrocephaly. Causing stunted brain development in babies.

Currently, Bill Gates Oxitec plague of genetically engineered mosquitos have not yet been released into the Florida Keys, as planned. But it appears that Brazil’s plight and the hype generated by the mainstream media may twist the arm of the FDA to allow the inevitable catastrophe to move forward. Currently, a vaccine for Zika doesn’t exist. But the necessity of one could bring Bill Gate’s lifelong world depopulation preoccupation one step closer to its IBM and Microsoft Eugenics Industrial Complex vision. Brought to you by the world’s deadliest creature, the mosquito.

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