Obama's New Americans Plan To Overtake The United States

Well America if you haven’t noticed. Refugees are raping, looting and killing all over Europe. And the European establishment is condemning the citizens on THEIR behavior rather than that of the invading hordes of fraudulent young male refugees who claim to be fleeing war ravaged hell holes.

Now, those refugees are quietly entering America, but its not large cities like Washington D.C. and San Francisco being targeted due to their higher cost of living. Smaller American cities are being targeted to become refugee sanctuaries exactly as tiny European towns had been targeted. Rather than integrate all of the refugees into large cities, where aid facilities are better funded and menial jobs are more plentiful.The Obama administration is directing pockets of the refugees into small to medium sized American cities that are already struggling to survive. Cities like Missoula, Montana, Twin Falls, Idaho, and Stone Mountain, Georgia population of 6,025, where a huge boon to the economy is the Stone Mountain carving of Confederate Generals the very historical monument the liberals want destroyed.

It was revealed around this time last year by political activist Susan Payne, who had inadvertently been allowed to attend an Obama White House conference call on the Syrian Refugee strategy, that the intent of the Obama administration is to grow the muslim seedling communities into larger entities eventually overtaking the small cities they had been given sanctuary in as part of a greater plan to overtake the host nation. The Obama task force even discussed replacing the Thanksgiving holiday with “Celebrate Immigrant Day” by executive order. Their main directive being that these 15 million plus “New Americans” will replace the old Americans and grow as a separate nation within the United States.

America is no longer economically sound enough to cushion the blow of millions of refugees that actually hate everything we represent. The Middle class is aggressively shrinking, we have lost millions of jobs due to international trade deals, cities are going bankrupt, and the national debt is at a record 19 Trillion. Meanwhile, as 31 Governors oppose the acceptance of Syrian refugees into their states the remaining balance of our nation’s officials are declaring their cities as sanctuaries at an alarming rate. How soon we forget. Has the Paris massacre or the San Bernardino jihad been forgotten already?