ANTICHRIST is About to Step Forward as World Leader!!! The GATE OF GOD h...

Has ISIS achieved the resurrection of her husband? A symbolic destruction of the "Gate of God" seems to suggest the Antichrist is ready to take his position...

ISIS is intentionally and symbolically destroying artifacts and historical sites that are dedicated to Nimrod, the first Freemason and original builder. It is believed that another name for Nimrod, the world ruler and builder of the Tower of Babel, is Osiris. Most recently, ISIS destroyed the 2000 year old GATE OF GOD, which literally translates to "Babel" in Akkadian language. They have also destroyed Nimrod artifacts in Nimrud, Iraq, Palmyra sites associated with Baal. According to some scholars, Baal worship was created by Nimrod himself at the Tower of Babel. Who is ISIS and why are they intentionally destroying Nimrod artifacts, sites, and entryways. Is ISIS trying to release or free her husband, Osiris?

As for the Arch of Triumph that will be built in London, this will be built in Egyptian marble, which is a very light shade of marble that can be tan or white. A Freemason magazine claims that the Pyramids of Giza were at one point covered in white marble and were very bright when the sun hit them, almost looking as though they were illuminated in appearance. One archaeologist at the University College of London questioned why the arch was being built entirely in Egyptian marble, since this is not the material of its origin. He called this "odd" and expensive. It isn't odd, though, since the cabal is constructing the archway out of the same material that once finished the pyramids of Giza.

Also, there is reason to believe that the Telegraph article that mentioned the archways to the Temple of Baal were canceled may not be telling the truth. To begin, they once told us that the mosque/cultural center at the world trade centers was cancelled. But it wasn't, they just ended up building it at the top of One World Freedom Tower in the form of a giant minaret. Secondly, only one article from a main stream media site appears to validate that the Temple to Baal archways were cancelled. Thirdly, there has been no official statement from the IDA or the UN about backtracking on the idea. While the article sites that the IDA has "backtracked" on their original idea, they don't really back this up with a quote from the organization.

*To clarify: the original story about the cancellation plans for the archway was published in the Telegraph. Now, several other newspapers have featured their own news articles about this, based on the Telegraph's original report.

My name is C. Ervana and I am a professor of science at a college. In my free time I research unusual facts about secret societies. I have read thousands of pages of research on secret societies. While most people spend time trying to find the Illuminati in the music industry, movies, and Hollywood, I believe that some of the most valuable information resides inside books. Please subscribe so that you can receive updates, as I post regular videos.

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