Welcome To Londonistan

This is What the residents of London have come to expect from the million plus Muslims now living in areas they no longer feel safe living in or even visiting.

But none of the evidence of internal malice towards the United Kingdom's host population by a growing Muslim population even exists according to London's new Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan. In fact Khan, a Labour Party favorite is making no qualms about the rhetoric coming from across the pond via Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Apparently, Khan is no leader. Just another Globalist puppet passing out blinders to the general population. In fact, Khan, barely a week into his role as London's mayor, is hurling veiled threats at the United States. His claim that Donald Trump's stance on Muslims is based in ignorance and that continued rhetoric will cause more attacks, is a foolish statement to begin with. Hello? If Trump is ignorant on Muslim aggression being a reality, then why should we expect attacks?

Sadiq Khan will be traveling to the United States and meeting with other globalist tool Mayors like Rahm Emmanuel and Bill De Blasio, because it's important to establish a network of global tyranny and the will of the multi national corporations on the local level. Mayor Khan, the people of the United States don't intend on committing our sovereignty to the trash bin of history. Your feigned ignorance of the true state of the refugee invasion preying on innocent Europeans and Americans is just as blatantly false as the intent of your mayoral campaign.

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