College Course Teaches Founding Fathers Were ‘Terrorists,’ CEOs Should Be in Prison

A humanities course at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, asks students to reconsider the way that they think about their country by arguing that the Founding Fathers were ‘terrorists’ and that wealthy CEOs should be in prison. A report by The College Fix revealed that two professors at a public Colorado university are indoctrinating students with a heavy dose of Marxist revisionism. The course, which is entitled “Resistance and Revolution,” is co-taught by two professors, history lecturer Jared Benson and sociology instructor Nicholas Lee, who collaborated together on the course. In the course, Benson and Lee argue that ideals upon which America was founded were “merely a fabrication for a social movement.” Lee argues that they participated in tarring and feathering in effigy, thus qualifying them as a “terrorist organization.” Despite their claims, there is little to no evidence that the Founding Fathers participated in such activities. “They were an organization of guys that went out and did stuff, tarring and feathering in effigy, and sometimes it wasn’t in effigy,” Lee said. “As Jared pointed out, by any modern definition, they were a terrorist organization. I don’t say that to be hyperbolic, literally an organization that uses terror to accomplish what they

from Breitbart News