Facebook, Twitter and Google Criticized by MPs for Being ‘Soft’ on Hate Speech

Top executives from the UK arms of Facebook, Twitter, and Google appeared in front of the Home Affairs Select Committee on Tuesday and were grilled about an apparent failure to tackle ‘hate speech’ on their platforms. The committee directed most of their intense scrutiny towards Google in regards to videos posted on YouTube that are “peddling hate,” according to Labour MP Chuka Umunna. Focusing on videos uploaded by the ex-KKK leader David Duke and the now proscribed extremist organization National Action, Umunna accused Peter Barron, the vice president of communications and public affairs at Google Europe of profiting off of these videos, along with allowing the individuals themselves to make money as well. “Your operating profit in 2016 was $30.4 billion. Now, there are not many business activities that somebody openly would have to come and admit… that they are making money and people who use their platform are making money out of hate,” Umunna said. “You, as an outfit, are not working nearly hard enough to deal with this.” Barron responded by arguing that the profits they made from these videos were “very small amounts,” also saying that they would crack down on them. Fellow Labour MP David Winnick

from Breitbart News http://ift.tt/2mLagxf