Long-Term Memory Added to DeepMind A.I. That Allows It to Learn from Previous Experiences

Google subsidiary DeepMind Technologies Limited, in partnership with researchers from Imperial College London, have developed a functional long-term memory for the DeepMind AI. The London-based company has taken a major step beyond the already impressive milestones they have achieved in machine learning thus far. Previously, DeepMind could learn to play Atari games better than any human but couldn’t apply that information elsewhere. Entirely separate artificial intelligence entities were required for each separate game. “AlphaGo” might be capable of beating a professional human at one of the most ancient and complex strategy games ever created, but the same AI couldn’t play Space Invaders to save its artificial life. But DeepMind Technologies Limited and Imperial College London have broken through, creating an algorithm that effectively gives the DeepMind AI a long-term memory to store the knowledge it gains. DeepMind Research Scientist James Kirkpatrick told WIRED that the team “had a system that could learn to play any game, but it could only learn to play one game. Here we are demonstrating a system that can learn to play several games one after the other.” It may not sound like much, but there is a massive difference between a computer that can learn something and one

from Breitbart News http://ift.tt/2nGcDjU