Man Shot Dead At Paris Airport After Grabbing Soldier’s Gun

A man was shot dead Saturday morning at Paris’s Orly airport after he rushed a group of soldiers and seized one of their firearms. Update 1300 GMT — Soldier was taken hostage, Family of would-be killer arrested An eyewitness to today’s attack has told French media that he saw the attacker seize one of the soldiers on patrol at Paris Orly airport by the neck, holding her hostage while threatening the other two with the rifle he had taken. That the attacker was killed by gunfire from the soldiers and that no members of the security forces were injured in this confrontation suggests how the situation then panned out. The father and brother of the dead suspect have now been arrested, a move which Le Figaro reports is normal procedure in such cases. The dead man was wanted by police for previous acts of armed robbery and his rap sheet had nine entries for crimes including drug trafficking and armed robbery. Update 1120 GMT — Security camera image emerges French news agency AFP has acquired an image from security cameras inside Orly airport, apparently showing the body of the 39-year-old terrorist who is believed to have committed two attacks this morning

from Breitbart News