Portland Would Allow Homeless to Live in Residents’ Backyards in New Pilot Program

PORTLAND, ME - JANUARY 9: Dana Burnell, a panhandler walking the median strip at the corner of Franklin and Somerset Street, said he read about the possibility of being banned from the medians and said it would severely hurt the homeless who depend on getting money to survive. Recently kicked out of a Portland shelter, he said he usually sleeps outside in a protected area covered by a lot of blankets. He also recently met an older female panhandler and shares the meridian with her and slept last night at her provided apartment, of which he was very thankful, according to Burnell. (Photo by Gordon Chibroski/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images)
The city of Portland will allow homeless families to move into government-built mini houses in the backyards of residents willing to host them.

from Breitbart News http://ift.tt/2n5SR45