VIDEO: Thousands Join Pro-EU Rallies Across Germany

BERLIN (AP) — Thousands of people have joined rallies across Germany and other European countries to show their support for the idea of a united Europe. The weekly protests began last year as an attempt to counter growing nationalist sentiment on the continent, often expressed in opposition to the European Union. #pulseofeurope Now almost 6000 Berliners & many more pro Europeans in over 40 cities are now singing the Ode to Joy — Funk (@funk67) March 12, 2017 Protesters in Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne and dozens of other locations danced, sang and waved the EU flag – 12 stars on a blue background – during the rallies Sunday. The protests are organized on social media by a group calling itself Pulse of Europe . The group says it isn’t tied to any particular political party. Thousands are braving cold wind and rain at #pulseofeurope demo in Berlin. Pro Europe, anti populists. — Wenzel Michalski (@WenzelMichalski) March 19, 2017

from Breitbart News