Donald Trump Jokes He is ‘Upset’ that Jared Kushner Is ‘More Famous Than Me’

President Donald Trump joked that his senior advisor Jared Kushner had become “more famous than me,” hinting that the recent news about his connections to Russia had become a media obsession. During a White House meeting with Republican House and Senate leaders, Trump thanked his senior aides Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner for helping push his agenda in Congress. “Jared has actually become much more famous than me,” Trump joked, as Republican leadership laughed. “I’m a little upset at that.” Trump also joked that his son-in-law was getting more famous than he was after winning the election. “Jared’s becoming more famous than me,” he said at a dinner reception at his Bedminster, New Jersey golf club. Trump used a version of this joke, after pointedly welcoming former FBI director James Comey before firing him. “He’s become more famous than me,” Trump joked on January 22, after welcoming Comey to the White House. Comey was fired in May.

from Breitbart News