Jason Chaffetz Final Warning To Americans About The FBI

Jason Chaffetz on one of his final days left in congress warns the american people about the FBI's illegal database and facial recognition database they are creating.. using 1 out of ever 2 drivers licenses of all americans.. trey gowdy is now taking over the 
oversight and reform committee chairman position so this might be the last time you even see Jason chaffetz which is why this makes what he said and this hearing so eerie this is latest news today and breaking news in politics and top stories in current events in us news and world news today this was taken live in full and is political news and politics news this comes highly anticipated after fbi james comey leaked information to the media about private conversations he had the president trump, donald trump has been outspoken about his non russia ties and his commitment to getting to the bottom of the leaks and obama injustices this is usa news cnn and msnbc have already picked up on it and its rumored jason chaffetz will go work for fox news after congress this is a alert to all citizens hidden during a testimony during normal congress business

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