Krauthammer: ‘Childish,’ ‘Pathetic’ Hillary Won’t Take Blame for Election Loss

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer criticized 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton for her remarks a day earlier at a tech conference in California. Clinton avoided blaming herself for the loss, for which Krauthammer called “childish” and “pathetic.” “Look, I know I’m in a minority with conservatives, but I actually feel sorry for her,” Krauthammer said. “I have a soft spot. It could be because I was in my youth a liberal. I retain the marshmallow deep inside of my heart that I try not to betray these days. But it’s a pathetic performance. It’s sort of childish. She can’t accept responsibility. She has practiced at this where she says — I love in one of her riffs she says was a perfect candidate? No. Did I make mistakes? Yes. These are rhetorical devices, whoever said she was a perfect candidate? She was a terrible candidate. She was the worst of imaginable. I mean just look at the fact she couldn’t shake the challenge of a 74-year-old socialist, who, this is the best part about Bernie Sanders, honeymooned in the Soviet Union. She couldn’t shake his challenge for six months.” “By the

from Breitbart News