Limbaugh: ‘Hillary Clinton Is Falling Apart Before Our Very Eyes’

Wednesday on his nationally syndicated radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh took note of what he described as 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton “falling apart before our very eyes,” which he said was a far cry from someone that was presented as “the smartest woman in the world” and someone with a lock on the presidency during the 2016 campaign. Transcript as follows (courtesy of Hillary Clinton is falling apart before our very eyes, and it’s important to note this, because Hillary Clinton has been presented to us as the smartest woman in the world, the toughest woman in the world. A woman who could have been president if she had not hitched her wagon to that loser, Clinton. A woman who could have written her ticket and named her price. A woman who was the smartest and most accomplished. This was her brand; this was her image. It was bought, it was paid for, it was fed, it was built up; and now what’s happening to her? She is delirious. She cannot live in reality. She cannot accept what’s happening. She has been rejected. This is the most-cheated-on woman in America, including by her own party. If there’s

from Breitbart News