Limbaugh: ‘The Swamp Has Got Trump Playing the Swamp’s Game’ — ‘That’s Not What Trump Was Elected to Do’

Friday on his nationally syndicated radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh warned President Donald Trump of “playing the swamp’s game” in governing. According to Limbaugh, Trump was elected to “drain the swamp,” but has been bogged down in taking on the Justice Department’s investigation of his alleged ties to Russia and how that investigation had taken on other aspects. Limbaugh argued although he was playing “the swamp’s game,” he had other tools at his disposal that he has yet to use. Partial transcript as follows (courtesy of He could fire Rosenstein, and he could fire Mueller. There’s nothing stopping him from doing it, nothing legally. He could go to Rosenstein right now. He would be perfectly within his bounds to go to Rosenstein and say, “Look, this investigation can’t be wide open for anything. You’ve gotta limit what these people can look for. You’ve gotta limit it to actual felonious crimes. You can’t have them subpoenaing anybody they want financial records, text records, tax records. There has to be a limit.” He would be perfectly within his bounds to do that because he is the executive branch. And if he wanted to fire these people, he could. When you