Man With ‘Explosives Belt’ Shot By Brussels Police, Explosions at Central Station

Reports claim that there have been explosions at the main railway station in Brussels and that police have ordered people to evacuate the building.  Story Developing News agency Reuters claim that an attacker has been shot by the police and is thought to have been wearing a suicide belt explosive device. Brussels police have released a brief statement on Twitter saying that the incident is “under control” and only one person, referred to as a “private individual,” was involved. Incident avec un particulier à la gare #BruxellesCentral #BruxellesSituation sous contrôle mais veuillez suivre les instructions @SNCB — PolBru (@zpz_polbru) June 20, 2017 Peter De Waele of the federal police has commented on the incident saying, “According to initial findings, there is not much damage, but more details are missing for now,” and added that the incident was still under investigation. There are also reports that witnesses heard gunfire at the station along with the explosions. One man has reportedly been shot, though there have been no confirmed reports of casualties so far by the authorities. All train traffic into Brussels Central station has been halted according to the SNCB, the government-owned railway company in Belgium. #L0 #BruxellesCentralUpdate : ordre de policeCirculation interrompue#SNCB —