Top Tory Think Tank Urges ‘Total Reform’ of Conservative Party

The country’s oldest conservative think tank has issued a six point plan for reform of the Conservative Party following Theresa May’s poor election performance. The Bow Group, which has been robust in its criticism of the modern Conservative Party for years now, has urged a return to internal democracy within the Conservative Party, highlighting a decline in party membership and loss in policy direction as reasons for the Tory decline. The Conservative party has failed to revitalise its grassroots membership and build a genuine movement, the group says. The Bow Group has been on the receiving end of attacks from the conservative and broader political establishments for years, given its refusal to adhere to the “moderniser” consensus. As a result, the party has struggled to defeat three of the weakest Labour leaders in British history, the group points out. Highlighting the problems within the movement, the group highlights this morning: There has not been a Conservative Party leadership election since 2005; Members lack the ability to freely select candidates without central party interference; Lack of member engagement in policy making; Average age of a party member is currently 68 years old; Loss of narrative to to UKIP on key conservative

from Breitbart News