Tucker Carlson: Kathy Griffin Is the ‘Perfect Embodiment of What the Modern Left Believes’

During the opening monologue of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” host Tucker Carlson offered his thoughts on last week’s controversy involving Kathy Griffin holding up a severed bloodied mannequin head of President Donald Trump. After apologizing, Griffin later held a news conference and declared herself to be the victim, to which Carlson said was a signal of her embodiement of the left. Transcript as follows: Earlier this week, as you just saw, Kathy Griffin released a video of herself posing with a bloody mannequin head made up to look like President Trump, comedy that failed completely, nobody thought it was funny. As performance art, it was lame, least creative stunt of the week by far. As a political statement it didn’t even make any sense but it did have the effect of briefly making Griffin famous again and of course, that was likely the whole point. Today, Griffin elbowed her way back into the news cycle holding a press conference with celebrity misery chaser Lisa Bloom, here’s part of what she said. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) KATHY GRIFFIN, STAND-UP COMEDIAN: Image that I participated in. That apology absolutely stands. I feel horrible. I have performed in war zones, the idea that that people

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