Venezuela: Protesters Burn Down Supreme Court Building

Anti-government protesters in Venezuela set fire to the headquarters of the nation’s Supreme Court Monday as part of the ongoing effort to bring down the government of socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro. The incident comes after the Supreme Court voted to reject a motion blocking Maduro from rewriting the country’s constitution, despite recent polls showing that up to 85 percent of Venezuelans oppose the reforms. Maduro’s plan includes the creation of a ‘constituent assembly,’ which opponents fear could undermine future elections and increase his executive authority. FEDERICO PARRA/AFP/Getty Images The country’s chief prosecutor Luisa Ortega questioned the legitimacy of the reforms before the courts despite her status as a former ally of Maduro. However, the court rejected the motion, describing it as inadmissible, with Ortega describing the court as “Venezuela’s greatest obstacle to peace.” “The electoral chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice declares that the (challenge) filed by Luisa Ortega Diaz is inadmissible because it is an inept accumulation of pretensions,” the court wrote on Twitter. Por INEPTA acumulación de pretensiones, Sala Electoral del TSJ declara inadmisible recurso ejercido por Luisa Ortega Díaz — TSJ Venezuela (@TSJ_Venezuela) June 12, 2017 In March, the Supreme Court issued a ruling declaring itself the nation’s lawmaking body and repealing