WaPo’s Rucker: Democrats ‘Can’t Run Just as the Resistance Party’ – ‘They Need an Agenda, Some Ideas’

On Friday’s broadcast of PBS’ “Washington Week,” Washington Post White House Bureau Chief Philip Rucker said Democrats lack a strong leader at the national level and can’t just be the resistance party if they want to win. Rucker commented on former President Obama’s statement against the Senate GOP’s healthcare bill by saying Obama is “trying to help galvanize Democrats, who don’t really have a strong national party leader right now.” He later stated, “[T]he bigger problem for the Democratic Party right now, is they need fresh faces, and they need a fresh message. They can’t run just as the resistance party. That’s what we learned in Georgia. That’s what we learned in all these other special elections. They need a vision for the future. They need a message. They need an agenda, some ideas, some policy ideas. Go out in the country. Try to figure out what a movement could look like. And they’re not there yet. They might get there by 2018, but they’ve got a lot of work to do as a party.” Follow Ian Hanchett on Twitter @IanHanchett