Warriors’ Steve Kerr on Potential White House Visit: ‘It Could Have Really Positive Ramifications if We Did Go’

In a podcast interview with Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News, outspoken Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr said he believes it would be good for his team to “respect the institution” and “consider” visiting President Donald Trump at the White House to celebrate their NBA Finals victory. The NBA Champions are said to be considering turning down the invitation, but Kerr, who has been open in his criticism of the president himself, urged his guys to go to help bridge the “divide” in the country. [Relevant portion beginning at the 31:55 mark] “Everybody knows I’ve been a very outspoken critic of Trump,” Kerr told Kawakami. “As a result, maybe we won’t even get the invitation. But I do think it’s very important to consider a potential invitation because I think it could have really positive ramifications if we did go.” Kerr said that although he and many of his players were “offended” by Trump during his campaign, it is important to respect the office. “I think it could make a statement in a time where there’s so much divide and everybody seems to be angry with each other. It might be a good statement for us to