Why No Progress in Seth Rich Inquiry?, 1654

Synopsis: Good morning, I’m still reporting on Seth Rich. 
Despite all the furor and a continuing stream of revelations – both true and false – over the death of DNC Data Director Seth Rich last July 10th, why has nothing been done. Why is Congress silent on the matter? Why do Congress-folk quake in fear at the very mention of his name?
As I’ve said many times before, since the elaborate fake suicide of Vince Foster on July 20, 1993, the dark cloud of fear has hovered over the nation’s capitol like a flock of Nazg├╗l – the dark servants of Sauron - just waiting to pick off the boldest of lawmakers in Congress.
Only the foolish would brand this fear as paranoid fantasy with a record like the Clintons. And it has a real effect among the political class in DC. Picking off political opponents is how dictators like Stalin and Hitler rose to lead nations. 
Late Monday night, Roger Stone stepped up to offer a possible explanation why nothing serious has been done in the Seth Rich murder case.
“Clinton co-conspirator Debra Wasserman Schultz brother is the Federal prosecutor in the Seth Rich case #TheFixISIn.”
So now, it’s time for Congress to rise up in support of breaking the chains of fear and striking a blow for freedom. If everyone takes a small risk, one person doesn’t have to take a huge risk. 
Just in the last week, enough questions have been raised to demand an honest and rigorous investigation be initiated by either the President or Congress.

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