Pedogate Researchers Crowdstalked As Coverup Dysfunction Grows

It's true: the elite connected to the Clintons can no longer hide from the public, they've lost the narrative, and so have resorted to desperate 24/7 crowd stalking and character smears in a FAILING attempt to slow global awareness of PEDOGATE- massive, semi-institutionalized trafficking of children for the amusement of elite politicos. It's real, I helped break it.

Believe it or not, compromised 'blue check mark' verified 'journalists' on Twitter with no organic followings are still laughing at me and other Pedogate / Pizzagate journalists- and laughing at the fact I almost died earlier this year. Why are they laughing? Why is that hilarious? Why are they attempting to slow disclosure and destruction of a pedophile ring? My God, what kind of human beings do these things to the rest of us? 

Well, the reality is that these people in the corporate media who are still beholden to the Clintons and George Soros and Lynn Rothschild- they have to feign disbelief and laugh and dismiss the growing chorus of truth. Because to take John Podesta's WikiLeaks emails, their contents and subtext, seriously would mean to take seriously also that America is in distress- and the Clintons, a grotesque and godless grifter crime family from Arkansas, helped her get there in large part... with the help of wealthy globalists who benefit from a weakened America. As the media's dysfunction grows, the truth comes out faster and faster. It's inevitable, and it's not about me. It's not about any of us, individually. The Internet is simply distributing information too fast for them to counter at scale. John Podesta's pathetic contributing column at The Washington Post won't be enough to stop the riptide of public anger. We all know it. Millions of us know the light burns bright within, and we demand justice for alleged predators like John Podesta, regardless of how well they are perceived in DC's wayward political culture.

from News Just For You.