Demons among us

Extreme makeup, wicked wigs and blank scowls are subverting a platform of pretty.
>Tired of banal and homogeneous standards of beauty, some social-media users have begun exploring aesthetic territory once thought of as underground, alternative or even ominous, and they’re exposing it to the mainstream. 
>Her posts can recall the familiar hyperfemininity of Amanda Lepore, the downtown transgender night life fixture, or be more shocking, featuring animalistic and extraterrestrial imagery. “My look has evolved over time and is still changing, it started with shaving my eyebrows and wearing white mascara and grew into how I look today,” she wrote.
>Theresa Yee, the senior beauty editor at the global trend forecasting firm WGSN, said that “this otherworldly aesthetic comes from the rise in the spiritual and mystical beauty trend that’s so current right now.”

Will all LGBT creatures turn into demons?

 >god isnt capable of preserving his message
More like:
>god wasnt ready to end mankind yet
Reminder that the jews rejected jesus as their messiah; as was foretold. It won't be until jesus returns that all global kikery will be put to an end. 
Whoever comes forth claiming to be the messiah (whoever the jews accept as their messiah) is really the antichrist. It's the man that comes immediately AFTER that, that is REALLY the messiah. 
tl;dr jews worship the demiurge, the creator god (first emanation of the 1 true unknowable god) whose extant purpose is to antagonize and control all the lesser archons. So long as mankind exists, their god reigns supreme in the material realm. And immortality is possible so long as you accept that the material realm is a farce, and that jesus IS the messiah.

I was at a party with Paris Hilton and Amanda Lepore once, about 10-12 years ago.

Amanda was sitting at the bar by "her"self staring down at her drink. About as sad and miserable looking as I has ever seen a human being. When it became obvious that literally no one gave a shut about "her", "she" began to pull out her t
"tits" and lay them on the bar. First just one, and then both, and after a few minutes began jiggling them around trying to provoke a reaction. Again, no one cared because this was a fashion week party with an open bar in Chelsea(NYC). 

It was one of the saddest things I ever witnessed but one of the best nights of my life because I fucked the girl who invited me for about 6 hours after that, fueled by redbull and tequila.